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PIA Testimonials

Short stories of how people have managed to resolve their financial situation with a PIA;

Testimonial 1

My husband and I were both declared insolvent and entered into an interlocking PIA, which so far has been a straightforward process. As a family of four (two young children) we were naturally very concerned about keeping a roof over their heads and maintaining as much normality about the situation as possible so they didn’t suffer. Luckily the guidelines for what constitutes reasonable expenditure in a household was quite ok to live on, although it did take some getting used to. PIA Adviser was very helpful in pointing us towards the professionals that we needed to speak to, including a personal insolvency practitioner.

Jenny and Michael Regan

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Testimonial 2

“Applying for a PIA can be a bit of a complicated labour intensive process in the beginning when you’re trying to get all the paperwork needed for the PIP together and answer all their questions. Having someone like PIA Adviser to ring and talk to (and boy did I do that at the start!) was fantastic. There were some things I just couldn’t get my head round. They actually put me into contact with my PIP, who is lovely and very patient dealing with me. The application is in the process of being presented to creditors, and the PIP is fairly certain it should all go smoothly.”

Marcus Lynch

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Testimonial 3

“I was in a massive mess when I rang PIA Adviser. Truly awful. I didn’t know what I owed to who, I’d got confused because my creditors kept selling on my debt to other companies and I couldn’t keep up with the latest owner. I had stacks of letters and statements stretching back years (a lot unopened – oops!). I’d completely lost control. “I found PIA Adviser’s website online and rang them after a particularly nasty call from one creditor. They were great, really sympathetic and friendly. They didn’t treat me like I was an idiot or I was trying to con anyone, like one credit card company did. I’m now a couple of months into my PIA and it’s been such a relief. I have never been debt free since I left school but I will be for the first time ever!!!

Kathy Donovan

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Testimonial 4

“PIA Adviser? Nice people, very friendly, very knowledgeable. Certainly helped me out when I hit rock bottom. I had a buy-to-let portfolio that was at risk of disintegrating but the PIP that I was advised to speak to managed to make everything work and get it past the creditors. A huge weight off my mind.”

Jennie Flynn

Do I qualify?
PIA company

Do I Qualify?

By answering a few simple questions, our Free PIA Calculator will see if you qualify to write off your unsecured debts and allow you to become debt free!

Be Debt Free In 72 months!

Once in a PIA arrangement you make one affordable monthly repayment towards your debt. After the 72 month period any remaining debt is written off!
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